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The Co-production Research Network brings together scholars, policy professionals and industry practitioners from around the world. We also have partnerships with institutions, with a view to developing collaborative projects that will further research and policy in this area. 

Julia Hammett-Jamart, Coproduction Research Network

Scholars from the academic sector as well as other industry researchers (within public funding agencies for instance) who are interested in better understanding the interaction between policy and production and in contributing to more satisfactory accounts of national and transnational production practices. 

Industry/Policy Practitioners

Industry practitioners and policy professionals who may wish to contribute to a better understanding of the practice of coproduction through sharing their data and insights, or indeed to commission research from scholars.  Also for industry and policy professionals looking to connect with each other.

In the interests of improving the dialogue between scholars, industry practitioners and policy professionals, the

Coproduction Research Network has forged partnerships with a number of educational institutions, and public agencies.

The Coproduction Research Network welcomes inquiries from individuals working on film, television and digital media coproduction from a scholarly, industry or policy perspective.

In joining the Network, you will be informed of events related to coproduction, be included in our 'Calls for Papers' for conferences and publications. You will also benefit from the opportunity to collaborate with other CoRN members.


Membership is free.

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